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The ERP Discovery Study – A Simple Bare Necessity!

July 11, 2019Years’ of experience in implementing ERPs across multiple verticals have taught implementation partners the value of a comprehensive discovery phase – they make implementing ERP simpler. Why?

Earth.Ocean.Life launched on World Environment Day

June 13, 2019World Environment Day by the United Nations was found to encourage international awareness to protect our environment. The day is celebrated in over 100 countries from around the world with many initiatives on creating a safer and greener tomorrow based on an annual theme that is decided by the United Nations.

#MoveIt launched on World Health Day

May 9, 2019Fortude launched a global virtual step challenge titled #MoveIt on 7th April to coincide with World Health Day 2019.

Fortude launches its Diversity and Inclusion initiative, ‘I AM DIVERSITY’

January 30, 2019On the 18th of January, Fortude launched the ‘I AM DIVERSITY’ initiative, as part of its corporate ethos to encourage a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees irrespective of age, gender, race, color, orientation and disability.

Fortude Supports to fulfill the educational needs of Children at SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka.

January 11, 2019Fortude held their annual corporate social responsibility event in early December 2018. The initiative provided stationary for 155 children at the SOS Children’s Village Piliyandala for their upcoming school year.

Webinar Blog: Reduce Costs and Simplify the Testing Process

November 19, 2018Today we hosted a webinar on that tiresome task: Testing. We introduced Testing as a Service (TaaS) and talked about how it can deliver speedy M3 regression testing...

Setting up an HR framework–A step-by-step approach

November 1, 2018No matter the size of the organization, change is inevitable and is an essential component for growth. The name change last year was a part of a corporate redefinition of its branding strategy.

Harpo – On passion, people and the hunger for excellence

August 31, 2018Insightful. Entertaining. Engaging. These are three words that describe the latest guest talk delivered by former Sri Lanka Test Cricket captain and ICC Chief Match Referee Ranjan Madugalle at Fortude in an afternoon of rich experience sharing

Facing Life’s Bouncers and Yorkers with a firm stance: Life lessons from Ranjan Madugalle

August 22, 2018Insightful. Entertaining. Engaging. These are three words that describe the latest guest talk delivered by former Sri Lanka Test Cricket captain and ICC Chief Match Referee Ranjan Madugalle at Fortude in an afternoon of rich experience sharing

Thilak Piyadigama – passion, unlearning, and succeeding against all odds

July 31, 2018What’s the best way to succeed – in life, in work, and in general? Thilak Piyadigama, Chief Operating Officer at Nations Trust Bank, has the answer.

Effective Project Management for Successful ERP Implementations

July 25, 2018What makes an ERP implementation succeed? Effective organizational change management, strong leadership commitment, and a good governance framework are some of the key factors…

Triple threat actor, director, and CEO Peter D’Almeida visits Fortude!

July 3, 2018Fortude had a celebrity visitor – Peter D’Almeida, of Koombiyo fame and Colombo’s television and theater scene, visited us to talk about what makes him the great leader he is today...

“Diversity & Inclusion” forum empowers aspiring women IT professionals at Fortude

March 14, 2018Last week was International Women’s Week 2018! In the spirit of gender equality, Fortude teamed up with the Association of Human Resource Professionals and Diversity Collective to host the “Diversity & Inclusion” (D&I) forum.

Enabling sustainable business growth with process automation

March 6, 2018In today’s technological landscape, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to streamline and optimize their internal and external processes, through which, businesses can boost the quality of service, efficiency, and production rate at a rapid pace. At Fortude, we’ve carried out a number of process automation projects for a variety of clients. In this article, I will showcase some of the interesting process automation solutions that we delivered.

How do you keep up with technology? Late nights? Hard work?

February 20, 2018Today’s post is not a technical post. This one is inspired by a question raised at an SLDC meetup; “How do I keep myself up to date with technology?” Raised by an attendee who himself, like me specializes in Business Intelligence and Databases especially on Microsoft technologies. However, his job has strayed him from the path of his core skills and was concerned about the amount of learning that is required to catch up with the latest technology trends.

Cloud nine for ERP?

December 28, 2017This has been a transformative year for the ERP industry, especially with the increasing interest in Cloud-based solutions (also known as Software as a Service or SaaS). This is particularly true for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as traditional on-premise implementations are comparatively more expensive. Here are five reasons why you should consider moving to the cloud: 1. Real-time data ...

Stock Movement Intelligence in Power BI

December 8, 2017In this blog post, Madushan Dahanayake talks about how he self-acquainted the features of Power BI as he was looking forward to a career in business intelligence. Madushan joined Fortude as an Associate BI Consultant in 2017 March after graduating from University at Buffalo, New York. During the last few weeks, I have been getting myself acquainted with Power BI ...

A New Beginning

June 14, 2017I am so excited about the amazing opportunity that will come to fruition this week. I have already started counting down the hours!! That opportunity comes in the form of a new beginning for all of us at i3. The Board has given us this chance to reinvent ourselves, create new value and forge towards new frontiers. And personally, the ...

Brandix i3 licenses and upgrades Mayo Clinic’s Mortality Review System

March 25, 2017ROCHESTER, MN — (Becker’s Hospital Review – March 16, 2017) — Following the licensing of Mortality Review System from Mayo Clinic, Brandix i3 now announces the upgraded version of the MRS- a web based application that aggregates hospital process of care and system failures identified during a review process and analyzes the causes of death among hospital patients.

Bad Data Migration is a Common Cause for Failed or Problematic ERP Go-lives

March 24, 2017Are you facing challenges with your data migration process? Here are some thoughts from the Fortude Infor M3 experts.

Being a Good People Manager

March 14, 2017Many centuries back, those who own enterprises and those who work in that enterprise have been divided so much so that man’s only tool for the management of its workforce until this century has been slavery.  This lead to many debacles including the etymology of the African American in Northern America, the birth of apartheid in South Africa, the creation ...

How Important are Soft Skills to an IT Consultant?

March 1, 2017How important are soft skills to an IT Consultant? Sure, your techno-functional skills will help you get the job done. But if you want to build a long-term relationship with your client or want to be a trusted advisor, that is when the soft skills will come into play.

Best practices and strategies when managing clients

February 23, 2017Good customer service is more than fulfilling the customer’s requirement. Essentially, it is defining strategies to maintain and satisfy the client. Unfortunately, most companies fail at this once the project has been acquired; leading to dissatisfied customers and dysfunctional relationships with vendors.

Where is my report?

February 1, 2017Managers need reports. Lots of it! Enterprise solutions have dedicated module(s) which satisfy this need for reports. These implementations require a SIGNIFICANT cost to satisfy individual reporting needs. It will consume significant processing power to generate, and managers who want these reports will spend significant time going through the information (at least at the start).

Selenium Test Automation With C# For Beginners

January 19, 2017What is selenium? Selenium is a widely used test automation framework. There are 3 selenium tools; Selenium RC, Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver, out of which the Selenium Webdriver is the most commonly used industry tool. Using the Selenium Wedriver the test cases can be automated with C#.

It’s Time to Accelerate Your Apparel Manufacturing Business

August 5, 2016Despite a rather inexplicable political disruption in the US, and unrest within the EU, big brands in the West are still outsourcing apparel manufacturing to South Asian countries. The future of the industry according to a few recent reports, including one published by The World Bank, is looking extremely positive and upbeat.

ERP Implementations – 10 Things You Should Consider Before Your Next Big ERP Project.

August 1, 2016During the past 9 years I have participated in many ERP selection meetings, project kick offs and lessons-learnt sessions. The primary question we pop at CIOs is: What are the key benefits your organization wants to realize from this project?

The Pace of Healthcare Change Keeps Accelerating

May 17, 2016We may not have a cure for cancer (yet), flying cars (yet), or meals the size of a pill (debatable if you go to some fancier, high-class, restaurants), but we are certainly getting closer to achieving once elusive Sci-Fi fantasies thanks to significant technological advances. Many of these changes are taking shape in the healthcare industry.

The Changing Role of Healthcare CIOs: Becoming Healers

April 29, 2016Flashback fifteen years. If you were a hospital chief information officer, the chances are you and your team were affectionately known as “the IT guys.”

Transform UX with Google Material Design

April 29, 2016What is better UX? Contrary to the popular assumption, user experience is not a field limited to software applications, web sites, and web applications. In addition, people mix up UX and UI, which stands User Experience and User Interface respectively.

Test Automation Results Reporting with Easy Test NG Listeners

April 8, 2016Reporting Automation Testing Results Test Automation engineers often use ReportNG to generate results reports for automations performed using the Selenium WebDriver framework. ReportNG can be quite complex in terms of configuring, and it also lacks a variety of features.

How To Conduct Effective Software Testing When Migrating Data

March 9, 2016In software testing, Data Migration Testing is conducted to compare migrated data with original data to discover any discrepancies when moving data from a legacy database(s) to a new destination database.

The BI and Analytics Magic Quadrant in 2016 – Power BI Rules!

March 8, 2016The Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms was released a few days ago by Gartner. This report, released on an annual basis analyses the vendors of business intelligence and analytics, and places them on a quadrant to indicate their capabilities.

Top 10 Manufacturing Predictions for 2016 by IDC

January 8, 2016Manufacturers investing in customer-centric IT Will gain 2 – 3% more market share over competition

Healthcare: Why Sepsis Reporting Requirements is Only a Part of the Solution

January 8, 2016Whether you are involved in patient safety software or in the delivery of care, most healthcare professionals have repeatedly heard the alarming statistics about sepsis.

Transform a technology business – Tips for a CEO

December 18, 2015This article is to advice those who lead and strategise for organisations, mainly in the Information and Communication Technology field. This article is to provoke thought and debate, and the author welcomes any and all comments with regards to leadership behaviour.

Business Nirvana through “Millennial Dynamism”

October 23, 2015Source- DailyFT Definition Millennial dynamism according to the author is a state of savvy adaptation, and use, of technology by a generation of younger individuals.

Managed Services Outsourcing from an End Users Perspective

September 4, 2015by Kavan Weerasinghe, Vice President – Sales, Brandix i3 As a key end user, CEO, CIO, MD or IT Director, your head could be spinning on the “where” and “who” to trust in outsourcing your IT services and underlying assets.

Transforming Your Business via Managed Services: Overcoming Common Fears

September 4, 2015While many C-suite executives including Board Members are well aware of the pros and cons of in-house IT Support, very few have the same familiarity