With Infor M3 specific libraries for accelerated implementations and pre-built industry-specific test cases for Infor CloudSuite Fashion and Food Beverage, Fortest is ready to elevate your testing strategy to the next level.

  • Automate repetitive manual test cases via Web or API and fast-track testing cycles

  • Build end-to-end workflows with industry-specific reusable scripts/function libraries

  • Implement tech faster with an Infor M3 specific reusable library

  • Deliver continuous support and updates to the framework
  • easily

Fortude’s powerful automation regression testing tool, Fortest can be used for Infor M3/CloudSuite applications and non Infor applications.

  • Are resource shortages preventing your team from thoroughly testing applications before deployment?

  • Are you losing customers to poorly tested applications?

  • Are high costs and time taken for manual testing impacting business continuity?

  • Is manual testing limiting business scalability and preventing you from delivering high-quality tech implementations on time?


Product features

Fortest empowers Infor M3 and CloudSuite users by boosting productivity and eliminating manual testing efforts.

Why Fortest?

Features Fortest Selenium
Application Under Test
Web (UI & API)
Web apps

Cross Browser Testing

Enhanced automation commands

M3 UI component support

Predefined M3 business functions

Integration with CI/CD Tools

Programming Skills

Database/SQL testing

Maintenance of coding standards

Maintainable script development effort

Parallel test execution

Test execution on remote agents

Detailed Reporting
Limited Reporting

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