A person holding a phone displaying Infor GO, the future of Infor's mobile solutions.

Infor GO — The Future of Infor Mobility


Mobility is fast becoming the future of ERP. There is a growing need for mobile apps that extends the ERP functionality to its business users, allowing them to make informed business decisions on the go.

A key part of Infor’s mobility strategy, Infor Go, is a mobile application that allows for a synchronized enterprise experience. The app allows users to access Infor applications via mobile devices, enabling immediate action and analysis with increased data accessibility. The Infor Go mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices. It provides a centralized access point for Infor applications as well as role-based access to proprietary applications created using Infor Mongoose.

The app has a user-friendly UI that offers mobile functionality for many Infor modules, including:

  • Ming.le – Check alerts and approvals. Monitor tasks that need to be completed. Access Homepage widgets.
  • Coleman Digital Assistant – Enable conversational relationships using AI to optimize day-to-day work.
  • Mongoose apps – Access business-specific applications created using Mongoose and deliver alerts for tasks and approvals to your mobile device. You can approve transactions, monitor KPIs or streamline other business process flows and capture useful data.
  • Profile management – Check and edit your profile.

Once you sign in to the Infor Go application, you will see the My Apps tab. It will list all the applications you have access to.

Viewing notifications and alerts

The Inbox in the Infor Go app displays workflow notifications.

More information

By clicking on a notification, users can see further information such as attachments and notes related to the workflow.

Using the Workflow Viewer

The following image depicts a workflow for a customer creation process. Starting from creating the finance details to sending the customer creation notification email, the workflow indicates the status of each task within the process. The workflow widget assigns colors to each task so that users can quickly identify the status of the tasks as In progress, Escalated, Not executed, Skipped, Completed, Cancelled, or Failed.

Bookmarking pages and apps

The Infor Go app allows bookmarking individual pages and applications. Once bookmarked, the pages and applications will appear in the Favorites tab for quick access.

In the Profile tab, users can change the profile picture and view information about the app and the environment.

Fortude consultants can help you configure, deploy, and onboard Infor Go app for your enterprise, along with other Infor mobile apps such as Ming.le and Infor Document Management (IDM).

Want to give Infor Go a try? Download the app for Android and iOS devices below:

Prabhath Dasanayake

Head of Consulting - UK and Ireland, Fortude