Making the most of your data with Infor-Ephesoft integration


Businesses generate mountains of data throughout the supply chain and at various customer and partner touchpoints. Leveraging these data is one of the critical goals for enterprises driven by innovation and as it helps them be more competitive, productive, and digital. How efficient is your enterprise in capturing and transforming these data and integrating them with day-to-day operations?

Developed in partnership with Ephesoft, IDM Capture is an add-on that integrates Infor Document Management (IDM) with Ephesoft’s intelligence document processing technology. IDM Capture enriches the functionality of IDM by capturing and classifying data from scanners, copiers, folders, email accounts, mobile devices, legacy content systems and feeding the validated data to Infor applications.

While Ephesoft’s intelligent document processing capabilities profoundly reduce the human effort, the integration with IDM—enabled by the IDM Capture add-on—allows enterprises to leverage data to the fullest.

Document properties, attributes, and access control

A document in IDM is a file wrapped with properties, attributes, and access control settings. Every document that you upload is sorted into a document type. These documents have attributes, which are user-defined fields, which can be anything you want. Attributes allow links to be created between your documents and your applications. Documents also have system-defined fields such as who created the document, when it was created, and the size of the file.

IDM provides an extensive list of document types, and you have the option to create additional ones as well. You can also remove or modify the attributes associated with the various document types. 

Figure 1 : Basic Structure of IDM

In-context data

One of the core features of IDM is that it allows users in-context access to documents, connecting documents and business data with external applications such as ERPs or Infor OS. This allows users to perform their daily operations faster, improving accuracy and productivity. Also, authentication enforced by Infor Grid and role-based authorization for document access ensures security.

Figure 2 : Infor CloudSuite displaying a purchase order linked to a record.
Documents can be viewed on the Infor Go mobile app as well.

Integrate data with workflows with real-time alerts

IDM can be integrated with ION to automate manual processes and workflows. For example, when an invoice comes into the system, the pre-built custom workflows will automatically handle the routing, tracking, and approval using an ION workflow. If the system detects an error or an exception, notifications and alerts can be triggered.

Find data with advanced search capabilities

Once the data is in IDM, business users can use advanced search functionalities in IDM to locate data.

IDM uses multiple methods to search for a document:

  • Free-text search: Type in a keyword, and IDM will go through metadata, attributes, or the document itself to find documents associated with the keyword.
  • Search filter: Execute a search by filling in the filter criteria to do your search as specific by your needs.
  • Advanced search: Uses XQuery language used by IDM to directly search the repository. You can use this method to recreate or modify the searches in the future.
  • Shortcut: Quickly find documents that you have created, checked out, or deleted.

Once you find a document through search, you can view, export, print, or email them.

Make data-driven decisions with BI

If your enterprise relies on business intelligence and analytics tools such as Infor Birst or Microsoft Power BI, IDM Capture can greatly assist your BI applications by feeding them clean, accurate data.

Birst, Infor’s cloud intelligence, and analytics platform, can further refine the information fed through IDM Capture by transforming them to visualizations and dashboards, helping business users derive actional insights and make time-critical decisions quickly.


IDM Capture is a bridge that connects your Infor ecosystem with unstructured data from numerous sources and channels. While helping your business users capture data, IDM Capture can help enterprises transform data into valuable insights, an invaluable asset in the path to digital transformation and a tool that will help businesses stay competitive.

To learn more about how you can leverage IDM Capture, register, and join the upcoming webinar – An intelligent document and data onramp to your Infor ERP co-hosted by Ephesoft and Infor.