Infor OS

Make your work meaningful with the power of Infor OS and Infor Document Management (IDM)



Infor OS is a cloud operating platform that seamlessly connects services to provide a robust integration framework. The scalable technologies on top of which Infor OS is built are capable of bringing together disparate technologies and solutions, whether it’s an application developed by Infor, by a third-party or in-house by your organization.

Infor OS is expected to be deployed with new Infor CloudSuite releases. The latest version of Infor Document Management (IDM) also integrates with Infor OS. IDM complements Infor OS by providing rich document management functionalities.

Benefits of implementing IDM with Infor OS

Centralized Document Repository

The centralized document repository created by IDM allows M3 users to access documents, diagrams, and images in one location, without having to open separate applications. With faster access to all business documents generated by Infor M3 and third-party systems, organizations can improve productivity and optimize decision making.

In-context Item Images

IDM can link item images with ERP records. When a user references customer orders, purchase orders, or distribution orders, corresponding product images appear side by side. For example, if a user is creating an order line, IDM integration allows them to see the item they are dealing with in an in-context menu.

Who can benefit from item images?

  1. Operational users who perform day-to-day transactions and check inventory
    Benefit: IDM allows them to view item images in addition to item quantities.
  2. Users operating in engineering or manufacturing environments
    Benefit: IDM allows them to view engineering drawings against ERP records.
  3. Companies running the maintenance module
    Benefit: IDM stores end drawings and maintenance manuals for equipment and machinery. Having easy access to them is a critical requirement for users in manufacturing companies.

Information Security

IDM ensures document security while enforcing rules, permissions, and streamlines the document approval process.

Real-Time Alerts

IDM can also be configured to send real-time alerts to Infor or third-party applications when users make changes to documents.

To learn more about Infor OS capabilities across IDM, ION, ION APIs, Ming.le and Local.Ly, tune in to the M3 User Association (M3UA) Showcase Webinar titled ‘The Power of Infor OS’ on April 20, 2020, where Fortude’s Head of Consulting for UK & Ireland, Prabhath Dasanayake will take you through a real-life example of how these technologies can be leveraged and much more.

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