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Performance Testing: The DevOps Imperative That Can Make or Break Your ERP

How would you react to a 10-second application/website delay every time you click on a link/button or perform an action in a user interface?

Rise of the Bots: Reaping the Benefits of Robotic Process Automation for Your Business

Our economies and business models are undergoing constant transformation - in part driven by technology and emerging trends. Adaptability and innovation are always top of the agenda items for businesses as a result.

How to build web applications for Infor M3 Web SDK and Odin Framework

In the context of M3 H5, Web SDK is a technology introduced by Infor to build web applications using Angular technologies. As the name explains, Web SDK is a browser-based application, and it can run on any modern web browser.

From Farm to Fork: Leveraging Industry 4.0 for Smart Manufacturing in Food & Beverage

The evolution of Industry 4.0 offers food and beverage manufacturers a reset button, enabling them to optimize their value chain and build a sustainable, agile business. But are organizations prepared to embrace this revolution?

Protecting your Digital Business: A Cybersecurity Round up

What defines me? My name? age? choice of music? biometric details? This information has become more valuable and vulnerable in a metaphysical world, especially when I have to trust strangers with the elements that define me.

Is Intelligent Automation the Missing Link in Your Automation Journey?

What happens when Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are combined?