MUGA 2016 – A brief round-up

The M3 User Group Americas (MUGA) Conference 2016 was held in Atlanta on the 29th & 30th of March 2016. The event was hosted by Oldcastle. We are pleased to bring you a summary of what was covered at this event. Below is a round-up of the items covered at the MUGA conference:

Transform UX with Google Material Design

What is better UX? Contrary to the popular assumption, user experience is not a field limited to software applications, web sites, and web applications. In addition, people mix up UX and UI, which stands User Experience and User Interface respectively.

Test Automation Results Reporting with Easy Test NG Listeners

Reporting Automation Testing Results Test Automation engineers often use ReportNG to generate results reports for automations performed using the Selenium WebDriver framework. ReportNG can be quite complex in terms of configuring, and it also lacks a variety of features.

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