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We deliver enterprise assurance through engineering-led QE.

  • Automation consultancy to define an effective roadmap driving long term growth
  • Automation framework development
  • Automation script development on client networks
  • Enabling the Dev-ops Journey through CI/CD best practices

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Your dedicated team of qualified software testing professionals will ensure your applications run faster and error-free on all devices and platforms.

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The challenges that come with testing projects can create undue stress and inefficiencies in your business. We provide a QA team of highly skilled software professionals with diverse industry experience to smooth over these challenges for you.

Testing methodologies, automation frameworks, tools and processes can be better with us by your side.

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Fortude Testing as a Service

Automated testing

Take testing to the next level and achieve your goals with the test automation tools we provide to you. In addition to industry-standard tools, we have developed in-house Test Automation frameworks by integrating and customizing Microsoft Visual Studio Team System – coded UI libraries and Selenium.

  • Testing efficiency improvement
  • Reduced business expenses
  • Reusability of automated tests

Mobile application testing

Fortude offers end-to-end mobile application and mobile website quality assurance and testing. We make sure that your mobile application works seamlessly any time, anywhere and for every user.

  • Early identification of issues when running on mobile devices
  • Freedom to manage the dedicated devices
  • Reusability of automated tests

Content/ Data migration testing

Many companies are moving away from traditional databases to new database appliances or big data systems. We ensure nothing is left behind when migrating content or data from legacy applications to new platforms.

  • Faster and efficient data migration
  • Error free project delivery
  • Supporting all major database platforms and operating systems

Comprehensive system testing

We deliver functional testing solutions across Test Planning, Test Case Preparation, Test Execution, Test Reporting, Test Management, and a wide range of activities from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing and Product Maintenance Support.

  • Quality application without show-stoppers
  • High-end user satisfaction
  • Process improvement

Performance/ Load testing

We provide a suite of load testing, stress testing, scalability and reliability testing, performance monitoring and optimization for a wide range of web, enterprise, and client/server applications. Our performance testing services mitigate the risk of product failure and resolve performance issues prior to deployment.

  • Increase application efficiency
  • Helps detect performance bottlenecks
  • Opportunity to experience real-life application usage

Security and penetration testing

We provide end-to-end security testing services across web and client-server applications, combining numerous static and dynamic testing methodologies to address security challenges faced by customers.

  • Early detection of security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Manage Risk Properly
  • Increase Business Continuity

Compatibility testing

Fortude compatibility testing ensures that your applications perform as expected on all major browsers, operating systems, hardware platforms, and devices. We also provide expert evaluation and consulting on the necessary computing environments related to application types.

  • Allows for enhancements prior to release
  • Identify areas for extensibility
  • Enhanced user satisfaction

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