Diverse people, cultures and perceptions across borders


Stemming from our core value of ‘Caring and Respect’, DE&I has been a powerful enabler of Fortude’s growth and performance over the years. It's not confined to a department or practice, we’re all responsible for it and have a role to play in creating a culture where everybody belongs.


Our journey started in 2018 with a survey, the result was ‘I am Diversity’ and ‘Better Together’ initiatives that educate our teams through awareness programs at regular intervals. Today, we've woven DE&I into our policies, whilst sensitizing employees to be reflective of our Fortude values.


We are committed to providing a safe and respectful environment that is conducive to employees from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to be their very best self, irrespective of race, colour, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, different types of thinking, world views, skill set, education, marital status, geographic upbringing or religion..


Everyone can grow at Fortude;
regardless of their identity.
Join us, and be a part of an organization
that we're all proud to belong to.

Better Together

Events </br> and Webinars Events </br> and Webinars

and Webinars

Since 2018, we have initiated or contributed to thought-provoking conversations by inviting experts from around the world share their knowledge, experience and insight on best practices.

Awareness </br> and Sensitization Awareness </br> and Sensitization

and Sensitization

We conduct an internal awareness session termed ‘Better Together’ for all new recruits and periodically hold sensitization sessions for all employees on DE&I.

Policies for </br>Progress Policies for </br>Progress

Policies for

We have implemented a policy that establishes a zero-tolerance approach toward discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Celebrating Cultural Diversity

At Fortude, we embrace employees from all walks of life and celebrate the vibrant and diverse cultures they follow.

Diversity not only defines us, but strengthens us.