Virtual Roundtable: Getting The World Back To Work

Join us on July 14 at 2 PM BST for a virtual roundtable to explore challenges across the fashion product lifecycle such as business continuity during disruptions, designing collections remotely, and harnessing 3D technologies.
The roundtable will feature speakers from WhichPLM, Infor and Fortude — Mark Harrop, CEO & Founder, WhichPLM Group; Nick Cole, Director – Fashion and Retail Strategic Accounts, Infor; Robert McKee, SVP – Global Strategic Alliances, Fortude; and Madeleine van Dijk, Senior Product Manager, Infor.
Some of the areas to be covered include;
  • Strategies and digital tools that can help make working remotely and in the office more efficient and effective
  • Using 3D software to design garments and in the sampling process
  • Tools that can support design decisions — e.g., getting consumers to vote on new designs via social applications

Meet the speakers

Madeleine van Dijk

Senior Product Manager – Infor

Mark Harrop

CEO & Founder – WhichPLM Group

Nick Cole

Director Fashion & Retail Strategic Accounts – Infor

Robert McKee

SVP, Global Strategic Alliance – Fortude