Infor M3

A leading UK-based industrial manufacturer turns to Infor M3 to manage regulatory compliance

Infor M3

A leading UK-based industrial manufacturer turns to Infor M3 to manage regulatory compliance


The customer is a manufacturing organization with a focus on building specialist equipment for industrial companies, including squeegee boards, armor plating, anti-radar panels and cleaning fibers.

The UK-based industrial manufacturer is a world leader in engineered polymer and operates in 40 countries.


The industrial manufacturer was running on an outdated version of a legacy ERP. This system was not up to date and had increasingly fallen out of use with the user base at the site.

This led to two key problems the business was facing –

  1. Users were not following clearly defined and standardized processes, both in and out of the system, so they found themselves using multiple methods and processes.
  2. As the legacy system was not maintained and updated, the industrial manufacturer could face scrutiny from customers in relation to their cyber security standards and practices.


Fortude implemented a complete Infor M3 Single tenant solution for the manufacturer, covering the core business areas of finance, sales, manufacturing, purchasing, and warehousing.

A full data migration was performed from the old system to Infor M3. All processes were mapped and configured so that users could stick to standardized processes that were easy to learn and follow.

The solution was implemented within 3 months, and swiftly completed in a fully remote setting due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Transitioning out of a legacy ERP

The industrial manufacturer was using multiple systems as they offered varied products to diverse and niche markets. This resulted in poorly managed data and confused processes.

By implementing Infor M3, they were able to streamline the processes and tie together disparate information. This enabled the manufacturer to become more productive and to ensure they were using today’s best practices.

Enforcing segregation of duties

The manufacturer was able to meet the latest cyber security standards and practices expected of them and was able to segregate information in the system based on user job roles. Users would see information that was only relevant to them, protecting customer data from anyone who is not qualified to handle it. This helped them position themselves more favorably during new contract negotiations.

Standardizing processes

The customer was able to identify gaps in their data, including missing items, incorrect product structures and incorrectly priced costing components, which Fortude helped clean and set up properly in the system.

Standardization of processes and elimination of data gaps resulted in transparent and accurate reporting, offering the customer a clearer view of their end-to-end operations.

Transferring knowledge

The teams were accustomed to working with a legacy system and were reoriented into the uses of Infor M3 and its benefits.

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