Deploying Accellar for the Renaissance Group

About this Brochure

The Renaissance Group is a large apparel manufacturing conglomerate in Bangladesh with over 15,000 employees. By implementing Accellar the Renaissance Group gained better access to their data, higher efficiency levels, enhanced work flows and more visibility in inventory keeping and raw material aging.

Insufficient centralization can deny business units economies of scale. The Renaissance Group’s use of multiple software applications meant that it required an efficient single automated system that easily integrated all departments and reduced manual tasks such as recording dealings with buyers and suppliers. This called for a single automated solution that would encompass and streamline all functions of the organization.

Read the case study and find out why the Renaissance Group chose and implemented this system, as well as other benefits they gained.

“Accellar assists us to cut back on time consuming manual work by automating functions, and has implemented a single centralized data repository for consistent and accurate flow of information”

Md. Modasser Pasha,
Director Marketing,