Getting a head start with Katalon Studio

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In this blog post, I compare Katalon with Selenium and Appium, which are the two most leading  opensource test automation tools in the QA industry today. The following table compares Katalon with Selenium and Appium against criteria such as target users, deployment, test management, scripting support, performance, usability, reporting, and integration.

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What Katalon can do?

Let’s find out features which allows testers to adapt Katalon to their test environment effectively and with less effort.

  • Built-in Project Structure. By having a project structure and its own project settings, Katalon allows users to define project level settings/configurations. This reduces time spent on implementing test framework.


  • Record & Playback. Katalon has two methods of recording test scripts: Web and Mobile. Using these methods, a tester can implement test script on the fly without performing test steps manually. This helps to reduce test script implementation time. For more information, see


  • Spy Objects. The Web Spy Utility and Mobile Spy Utility features allows you to inspect element you miss while recording a script. After inspecting an object, you can save them under a central object repository. For more information, refer


  • Design test case. When designing/implementing test cases, Katalon provides the following features. Refer for more information.
    • Record & Playback Utilities (Web/Mobile) – Provides the capability to record test script along with test verifications.
    • Manual View – Allows testers to make test script through dragging and dropping or clicking and choosing test objects.
    • Script View – Allows testers to use groovy/Java to write test scripts.


  • Custom keywords. Refer
    • Allows users to define custom keywords in addition to built-in keywords. Once created, custom keywords can be used when implementing test cases just like other built-in keywords. This significantly reduces complexity and reusability of your test scripts.




  • Test Data Management. Katalon allows users to manage their test data in a single location and reuse on test cases/test suites. Katalon currently supports test data types like Excel, Internal Data (same as excel but inbuild on Katalon), CSV, Database (Need to add libraries to access whichever database trying to connect). Refer


Katalon has a clean and clear documentation available on their public site and it is easy to understand as well. Sametime documentation has tutorials, tips & tricks, videos to help users.

Katalon Forum ( also active and you can ask any questions using your login credentials used for downloading software.

How to use Katalon?

There are many resources you can find on Katalon documentation or you can go to Katalon learning hub itself. If you are trying to get yourselves hands on this awesome free testing product, as a head start you can use following links which helped me lot when I was trying to get to know about the tool.

Enjoy Katalon and convince your team members why you should learn Katalon.

All videos related to Katalon can be found from this location:

All videos uploaded by contributors can be found from this location:

If you are planning on following as a course, you can use following links free courses from which will guide you through as a series of videos.



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