Getting Started with Agile-Scrum Methodology- Introduction: Part I

Scrum is Agile methodology which is most widely and commonly used in the software industry. The methodology is a part of Iterating and Incremental methodology and is best suitable for projects that have a highly changing nature and rapidly emerging requirements…

Introduction to Azure Data Factory V2

It was only a matter of time till the complete Microsoft on-premise Business Intelligence stack was moved to the Azure Paas service. With the introduction of Azure Data Factory (ADF) back in 2015 and the recent launch of ADF V2, which is in public preview for the moment…

Infor Business Intelligence Platform Components

Working on a couple of projects with Infor BI, I have been using various components of the product quite regularly. Despite it being a well- known product in our organization (Fortude), it is not known to many.

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