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Accellar : Apparel
Technology Solution

Accelerate apparel manufacturing with Accellar technology

The Accellar apparel manufacturing ERP solution has been designed especially for apparel manufacturers and exporters and is a cost-effective ERP software that can be implemented in short timescales – it is a smart technology designed for the apparel industry that requires a cost effective, quick implementation ERP solution.

Core apparel processes covered by Accellar includes:

  • Merchandising
  • Supply chain
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • Cost accounting

Accellar helps to streamline current processes with system generated reports that require no manual processes, and helps empower employees and provide a greater return on time and money.

A proven solution for over 10 years:
Developed by apparel industry specialists based on real-world high volume apparel production and export needs, Accellar has been continuously developed and improved for over eight years using inputs from apparel operations. Accellar is a proven apparel solution as well as a benchmark solution, where one of Fortude’s customers’ has enabled 2,800 users, with the production of 75 brands in over 25 apparel facilities.

How Accellar ERP technology accelerates your apparel business?

Increased speed-to-market
Improves core process efficiency, track cycle times, integrates with buyer/supplier EDIs

Reduce margin erosion & increase profitability
Visibility of wastage, controls at key decision points

Enhanced customer satisfaction
Tracking, automated follow up to ensure OTD accurate, timely data on actual quality measures

Minimized record redundancy
One-time entry of information – linked to all modules

Timely, accurate, data to facilitate effective decision making
Simple steps to capture detailed data across order stages

Controls to limit wastage
Configurable multi-level approval mechanisms for costing, purchase orders, and any required revisions

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