Robotic Process Automation

Let your business users focus on high-value activities while RPA bots do repetitive, time-consuming work. 

With robotic process automation (RPA), your enterprise can deploy software robots to take over routine operations usually performed by humans. Just like people, software robots can understand what’s on a screen, press keys, navigate systems, identify, extract, and analyze information, and perform a wide range of actions. Software robots can perform these actions faster and more consistently, without the need to take breaks.

Fortude RPA solution offering at a glance

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Seamlessly integrate RPA with existing applications

Integrate your siloed systems, web applications, ERP applications, third party applications, monolithic or tiered architectures
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Automate repetitive rules-based processes

Let your workforce concentrate on more value-adding and strategic business activities. Let the bots do the standard routine tasks like extracting COs from emails and PDFs and ERP data cleansing while minimizing costs and errors.

Scale-up intelligent

We go beyond automating simple repetitive tasks to building more intelligent solutions using more advanced AI technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP).

Maximize ROI of your ERP with industry-specific automations

With years of experience implementing ERP solutions in varied industry verticals, we have accrued a deep understanding of processes and best practices across the fashion, food and beverage, manufacturing, retail, and distribution industries. Our experienced, certified
consultants can identify areas that hinder ERP systems from achieving their full potential.

Kickstart your automation journey

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Which processes can you automate with RPA?

Financial Accounting

Account Receivable

Accounts Payable

General Ledger updates

Bank Reconciliations

Inventory Reconciliations  

Claim Reconciliations


CRM Integrations

Supplier Portal Integration

eCommerce Integration

Bank Reconciliations

Warehouse/3PL Integrations

Order to Cash

Item/SKU Management

Bill of Material (BOM) Generation

Customer Order Processing 

Invoice Processing 


Procure to pay

PO Processing

Invoice Processing

Customer Order Processing

3-Way Matching

Payment Processing 

Goods Received  

Supply Chain 

Inventory Management

Freight Management

Return Processing

How does RPA benefit your organization?

Accuracy & Improved Compliance

Elimination of human errors with improved auditability

Productivity Improvement

24×7 availability with greater tasks completion speed

Cost Savings

Will cost 1/3 of an outsourced operation and 1/5 of the onsite operation

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Non-invasive & Technology Agnostic

Operates at the UI level eliminating the need for complex integrations

How can Fortude help?

Business Automation Consulting

  • Process diagnostics

  • Identify potential automation use cases

  • Enterprise-wide strategy and Roadmap for intelligent automation

RPA Implementation

  • Deploy POC

  • User Training

Automation Design and Development

  • Automation tool assessment

  • Build streamlined workflows and bot design

  • Solution Development & Testing

Automation Support and Maintenance

  • Continuous service improvement

  • Provide business insights

RPA implementation journey