Sitoo and Fortude partner to elevate fashion’s omnichannel experience

Market-leading Unified Commerce Platform and POS provider Sitoo has teamed up with Fortude, a leading global enterprise and digital services company, to simplify software integrations for ambitious fashion retailers.

Fortude, a key Infor Alliance Partner, delivers industry-focused technical and consulting services for Infor’s ERP solutions. The global enterprise and digital services company has implemented fashion software for businesses around the world for over a decade. By developing a pre-built integration between Sitoo and Infor, Fortude has made it simpler for retailers to connect both systems and harness the full potential of omnichannel capabilities without bespoke development.

This integration is set to be rolled out later this year for both Tiger of Sweden and By Malene Birger, but many more fashion retailers are set to benefit from a wider release in the coming months.

“We have a number of pre-built integrations that are designed to make life easier for retailers and their IT departments,” says James Abdool, Fortude’s Senior Vice President for the UK and Europe. “These wrap around Infor’s CloudSuite Fashion solution and we call it Fashion Retail-in-a-Box. It gives fashion retailers the ability to have greater control and visibility over the supply chain while delivering scalability for growth.”

“If a fashion retailer is using Infor CloudSuite Fashion solution and is looking to upgrade their POS, then we have a pre-built integration ready to go. The new integration enables fashion retailers to attain better control over their sales, customer management and inventory management processes.”

Helene Behrenfeldt, Industry strategy director for fashion from Infor, adds: “This is a very exciting offering that will greatly speed up time to market while making it easier and simpler for fashion retailers to harness the power of both Sitoo and Infor CloudSuite Fashion. Furthermore, it allows fashion retailers – and their IT departments – to focus on front end brand experience and innovations, while the solution providers make sure the integration of solutions run smoothly in the background.”

Jens Levin, co-founder and CEO of Sitoo, says: “Collaboration sits at the heart of so many different things we do. Fortude’s experience, knowledge, and technical expertise have been fundamental in making this integration possibly. They are a fantastic team to work with and I’m excited by what we can achieve in the future together.”

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“It’s really important for retailers to automate manual processes. One, it will help them standardize processes and, two, they can take advantage of the kind of best practices that have been driven in recent years. For example, if knowing how to forecast and plan is all tied up with one person and that person leaves, then there’s a huge hole and knowledge gap to fill which can hinder the business. If things like forecasting and planning are automated then it removes this risk and safeguards business continuity.” –  James Abdool, Senior Vice President UK & Europe, Fortude

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We’re delighted to have teamed up with the technical wizards at Fortude to help make life easier for ambitious fashion retailers by developing a pre-built POS integration for Infor.

About Sitoo

Sitoo is a cloud-native Unified Commerce Platform anchored by a Point of Sale for global, fashion and lifestyle retailers. The game-changing solution enables retailers to unify all stores and online sales channels in real time, and empower store associates to deliver a seamless cross-channel customer experience. With the same real-time information across all touchpoints, retailers can sell and fulfil everything anywhere and handle returns everywhere. Resulting in exceeded customer expectations, never-missed sales and streamlined inventory management.

The innovative technology accommodates all the flexibility and cost efficiency that comes with a cloud-native platform and microservice architecture. The solution also allows for customization without interfering with the codebase. Being a true API-first company, Sitoo enables easy integration and speed of implementation. Cloud-native SaaS makes the solution future-proof, with continuous updates being included and automatically made available for all retailers using Sitoo.

The POS is compliant in 40+ countries and trusted by 300+ brands and retail chains in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and North America, with Sitoo constantly expanding its reach across the globe. To learn more, please visit      

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