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MUGA 2016 – A brief round-up

The M3 User Group Americas (MUGA) Conference 2016 was held in Atlanta on the 29th & 30th of March 2016. The event was hosted by Oldcastle. We are pleased to bring you a summary of what was covered at this event. Below is a round-up of the items covered at the MUGA conference:

New Product Updates

  • The M3 version 13.4 will be released in September 2016
  • Infor M3 is now certified for the Linux on IBM Puresystems platform
  • New Infor Retail Product is being implemented at pilot site Wholefoods
  • Infor Dynamic Science Labs is developing predictive analytics solutions including a new pricing solution for M3 Distribution
  • M3 H5 Client new functionality includes mashups and mobile platform support
  • The M3 Counter Sales has been replaced by the new Sales Hub Application designed and developed by Hook & Loop

Enhancements M3 V13.x Compared to Previous Version

  • The Event Driven Architecture which is not fully available in the previous version is a major enhancement
  • Release Upgrades do not require data migrations and the process has been simplified
  • A Custom List function with related tables and custom fields which can be configured into APIs
  • New configurable customer/partner tables which can be used to add custom fields
  • All product documentation is available on Infor Xtreme portal
  • Configurable XML based outputs instead of Streamfiles
  • 1400+ enhancements over M3 V10.1
  • New mobile apps with offline capabilities (ex: CLM)
  • Best practice guides for functional and technical areas
  • New Automated Document Capture (ADC) solution

Enhancements to the M3 H5 Client

  • Scripting and personalization
  • Customizable start pages
  • Web mashups
  • Availability of SDK
  • Multi-browser options

Infor Cloud Update

  • Darren Saumur was appointed as SVP Infor Cloud Services
  • Cloudsuite Assessment is a new service that’s offered free of charge to evaluate customer readiness to move to Infor Cloudsuite
  • M3 on AWS is currently used by 35 customers with a total of approximately 10,000 users across 12 countries

Enhancement Request System (ERS)

  • Infor ERS is now extended to cover M3
  • Enables customers and product management to view all enhancement requests submitted under a single a product line
  • Simplified multiple individual product enhancement processes that ensure greater focus to improve Infor products
  • ERS is accessible via the Infor Xtreme portal

Improvements to Infor Xtreme

  • A new online key request system has been introduced to Infor Xtreme to make the process of requesting for product keys easier
  • User Registration process has been improved so as to allow contact administrators to add and remove users easily, rather than having to write to Xtreme support to get it done

M3 Training & Certification

  • A number of enhancements were done to the Cloud based Infor Education platform
  • 24 courses for M3 are currently available on Infor Campus, and includes Configuration Training
  • Courses are also available on Infor Technology Platform, HCM and d/EPM
  • Training courses will be available to customers as well in the near future

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