Minnesota-Based Health Technology Companies Join Forces to Help Hospitals Address CMS’ Sepsis Guidelines

Brandix i3 and Ambient Clinical Analytics to Jointly Market Sepsis Detection System

ROCHESTER, MN — (Marketwired – December 9, 2015) — Brandix i3, a healthcare technology company, announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with Ambient Clinical Analytics Inc. to market and handle site implementation of Ambient’s new, sepsis decision-support system. The Sepsis Detection And Response Tool, marketed under the product name Sepsis DART®, allows clinical care organizations to define specific biological metrics that indicate a patient may have or may be developing sepsis. It also provides decision support rules for treating the possible onset of sepsis.

The introduction of Sepsis DART by Brandix i3 and Ambient comes on the heels of a recent decision by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to add sepsis reporting requirements as a core measure for hospital inpatient quality. Under the new guidelines, hospitals are required to report the incidence and treatment for Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock. These results can affect hospital reimbursement rates from Medicare as well as private insurers.

“With increasing focus on measuring care quality and treatment outcomes, the timing is ideal for a decision support tool like Sepsis DART,” said John Hamm, vice president, healthcare sales for Brandix i3. “The system is quite extraordinary in that it will monitor a patient’s progress during the critical first 6 hours of care and send customized messages to a specific team of caregivers. It’s the precise type of real-time clinical decision support that will allow hospitals to deliver better care in their ICUs, operating rooms, and emergency departments.”

Working with physician advisors, Ambient engineered the software and performed real-world testing at a leading medical practice and medical research group in the Midwest. In the context of the partnership, Brandix i3, which has special expertise employing patient safety software for hospitals and health systems, will focus on marketing Sepsis DART to prospective end-user hospitals and health systems, as well as system integration to ensure the tool works in conjunction with users’ existing healthcare IT.

About Brandix i3
Brandix i3 has successfully partnered with leading healthcare providers to design, develop, and deploy industry-leading software applications. Its technology solutions are currently at work for providers across the U.S. improving patient safety, healthcare outcomes, and care processes. The company is part of the Brandix Group, a global logistics and manufacturing enterprise with annual revenues in excess of $700 million.

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About Ambient Clinical Analytics

Ambient Clinical Analytics develops powerful real-time bedside healthcare data assimilation, communication, and analytics-based clinical decision support tools for use in hospital inpatient units, emergency departments, ICUs, and other critical care areas. Its business model relies on software license fees, SaaS, Cloud, and system integration revenue. Ambient Clinical Analytics’ medical and executive teams have strong track records in care delivery, clinical research and informatics, medical products, and IT.

Additional information about Ambient Clinical Analytics and Sepsis DART® can be found at www.ambientclinical.com. Sepsis DART® is not intended to diagnose any specific disease, including sepsis. It is intended to be an information transfer system used by physicians. Physicians should use their own clinical judgment when deciding where to employ Sepsis DART®.For full prescribing information, see www.ambientclinical.com.