ERP health check

Sometimes, your ERP needs a health-check too.
Our no-cost ERP health check will help you make the most of your ERP.

How effective are your business current processes?
As your the business grows, do you feel the existing ERP is capable of handling new/changing business requiredments?
How current is your version of Infor M3?
Are you taking advantage of Infor OS cf. Ming.le, ION Workflow etc.
Does your existing BI reporting satisfy the needs of the business?
How effective is your communication with suppliers?
How often does your business experience ERP downtime?
Are you aware of any data backup and archival processes in place?
Do you have the required Vendor support to troubleshoot issues with your ERP system?
Does your ERP give you proactive alerts of business anomalies such as bad debts, overdue shipments, quotes due to expire etc.?
How much of the day-to-day activities involving your ERP are currently prepared in Excel and either re-keyed into M3 or uploaded?
How secure is your ERP?

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Congradulations. You're in good shape. but we would love to talk to you about our additional M3 solutions.