On-Demand | Winning in the Future: Youth and Innovation

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Fortude presents ‘Winning in the Future: Youth and Innovation’, the first of our Global Webinar Series to launch in celebration of World Youth Day 2021. Join us as our speakers from around the globe, share their experiences, insights and knowledge on how you could transform the future with an innovation-driven mindset.

Tune in to the recording to learn from our expert line-up of speakers from around the world, as they share their insights and experiences on how you can build, transform and fast-track your future!

Gear-Up Session

Sue Knight
International NLP Master Trainer, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author


Charith De Silva Sadiq Omar Daniel Eckel Sharon Amerasinghe
Chief Architect, Fortude Head of Digital Transformation, Brandix Senior Vice President, Microsoft Services, Fortude HR Consultant, Fortude

Key Note Address

Liliana Caimacan Daniel Rukare
Professor of Marketing and Innovation, Hult Internaional Business School. Head of Innovation, Tata Consumer Products Professor of Practice, Strategy and Innovation, Hult International Business School

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