M3 Style Creation Workflow

Accelerating the information flow required for creation and amendments of Styles and Orders

Manufacturing Operation Reporting Interface

Enabling single screen for update of Schedule / Cut level production details for Apparel Production Tracking

Material Write-Off Interface

Enabling complex business requirements for handling of left over materials on completion of a Make-to-Order style

Cost Sheet & Order Costing Enhancement

Validates the profitability of order lines enabling streamlined cost assessment and authorizations – with complete tracking and traceability

Bank Integration

  • Integrate ERP directly with systems of Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered
  • Provided 8 payment operations
  • Enabled multiple transaction types including SWIFT, RTGS and TT

Master Data Management

  • Enabling application developers to work with select enterprise data sources
  • Online master data availability and distribution through replication

M3 API Framework

  • Logically combining fine grained services into coarse grain business services
  • Enabling governance with enhanced security, auditing and error management

Electronic Data Interchange

  • Provides an interface for your Infor M3 solution to easily handle Client order processing by grouping multiple functionalities across M3 into one interface
  • Accommodates multiple Client complexities in an easy to use configurable manner

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