Brandix i3 signs agreement with Mayo Clinic to launch the Mortality Review System

29 September 2014, Rochester, MN – Brandix i3 in collaboration with Mayo Clinic officially announced the commercialization of the Mortality Review System – a web based computer application that aggregates hospital process of care and system failures identified during a review process and analyzes the causes of death among hospital patients.

Inpatient mortality is receiving increasing scrutiny. A U.S. Senate hearing in July 2014, noted that the sheer number of deaths in US hospitals is often overlooked. Per the Senate hearing, hospitalizations complicated by medical errors result in more than 400,000 deaths per year and is the number 3 killer in the US – third only to cancer and heart disease. Improving system health care system performance is a mandate in the US today supported by Institute of Medicine reports and aspects of the Affordable Health Care act through initiatives such as Value Based Purchasing.

The article “Learning from Every Death” published in the Journal of Patient Safety earlier this year, defined a Mortality Review System that healthcare institutions could use to improve their care delivery and minimize unnecessary deaths. This Mortality Review System (MRS) is a mixed method (qualitative and quantitative) approach to review the care provided preceding patients’ hospital deaths. The MRS combines both process improvement methodologies and software. The software component manages the workflow associated with interdisciplinary review of care delivered preceding death. MRS reconciles reviewers’ differing findings, compiles root process of care failures as key quantitative indicators and trends findings to identify opportunities for prevention of future unwarranted deaths. According to the Journal of Patient Safety publication, by using this tool, Mayo Clinic was able to identify some process and system failures that contribute to hospital mortality. In the article Mayo Clinic explained how they learned from their findings from more than 7500 consecutive deaths, implemented hospital policies and procedures to mitigate these failures and decreased their mortality rate.

Brandixi3 has licensed the Mortality Review System from Mayo Clinic, which has been using the software component successfully since 2007 to document and learn from their 100% mortality review.

Commenting on the commercialization of the Mortality Review System, Chief Executive Officer of Brandix i3, Arjuna Sirinanda said “We have worked in collaboration with Mayo Clinic to offer MRS – a web based tool that has been successfully internalized at Mayo Clinic with proven results. MRS is an effective way for healthcare providers to significantly reduce mortality rates and provide better patient care services.”

“Brandix i3 will make the product available to other healthcare institutions.” said the Associate Vice President – Healthcare at Brandix i3, Aaron Epps. Further he added “These are exciting times for the healthcare industry in the US and as a company, we will continue to bring healthcare informatics solutions to providers in order to facilitate meaningful change in the industry.”

Mayo Clinic has a financial interest in the technology mentioned in this press release. Revenue Mayo receives is used to support its not-for-profit mission in patient care, education and research.

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