Why work with us?

We are on the constant lookout for new customers to win, new challenges to overcome and new solutions to architect and deliver. At Fortude we aren’t confined by gender, race, ethnicity or orientation, in fact, fostering diversity is a very important part of who we are. A diverse community working towards a common goal – that’s what makes us different.Get in touch

The Great Collective

Collectively Fortude is home to talented, inspired and inspirational people who love what they do. As a collective, we’ve helped transform businesses all over the world. Our vision is to make a positive difference. Our fast-moving business strategy means we need people all the time – from experts in enterprise technologies, business analysts, to seasoned project and people managers – we always have opportunities for like-spirited individuals. ‘Life at Fortude’, is the culture we foster, it’s all about making enjoyment and growth part of daily work life. We know that sometimes a time-slice or creative break is the key to unlock a new idea, new energy, and better work. These videos are just a peek into some of the engagement activities the Fortude community take part in.

Life of a Consultant | Episode 1

Life of a Consultant | Episode 2

Happy people who enjoy the work they do… what could be more important to foster in any business? Our people enjoy flexi-hours, working from home and empathetic leaders who have people development as a formal goal. With our customers’ operations all over the world, the Fortude team works on customer projects, both on-site and off-site all over the world. See new places. Learn new Cultures. (Taste great food!)

Values & Culture

Our values play an integral part of our culture – and are embodied in the way we deliver our work and engage with all stakeholders from employees, to customers to the larger community.
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