Webinar: How to Target Today’s Conscious Consumers

May 26,  2021 2.00 PM BST Online

PI Apparel in partnership with WhichPLM, Infor and Fortude invites you to a webinar titled “How to Target Today’s Conscious Consumers”. 

Increasingly, today’s consumer is concerned with the ethical creation of their clothing. Beyond compliance to codes of conduct, conscious consumers are looking to see that a brand is making active efforts to preserve resources, eliminate waste, and drive sustainability. Consumer behaviours shift constantly, but modern consumers are steadfast in their desire for more sustainability in their clothing—and in how clothing brands operate.

So what does this mean for fashion companies? Unless you can evolve from greenwashing to genuinely sustainable practices, your consumers will move on.

Join PI Apparel, WhichPLM, Infor and Fortude as we discuss:

-Environmental and economic consciousness
– The rise of the conscious consumer
– Legislation, initiatives, and pacts
– The importance of collaboration across the value chain
– Infor PLM for Fashion as a key enabler of sustainable product innovation

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Our Speakers

Helene Behrenfeldt Mark Harrop
Industry Strategy & Solution Director, Fashion, Infor CEO & Founder, WhichPLM Group


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