Food Safety & Traceability: How to gain a competitive advantage based on supply chain transparency

December 2,  2020 8.30 AM GMT Online

Food & beverage producers are increasing the number of quality checks to be compliant with the ever-growing legal and customer requirements and to minimise food safety risks. This is fully understandable as a product recall can impact the company financially and immensely damage the brand image.

In many cases, data is captured on paper or in unconnected systems, making it very difficult to ensure traceability, completeness, and accuracy of information. This is an enormous traceability risk, leading to less targeted recalls and more time needed to identify the root cause of the problem.

Unconnected data is useless for proactive and timely adjustment of the production process. By leveraging data, food producers can be more transparent to the consumers, optimise the supply chain, and reduce food waste from the farm to the consumer.

To discuss how F&B companies can gain a competitive advantage through increased traceability, Fortude, in partnership with Infor, is hosting a virtual round table.

At this event, we will talk about:


  • The impact of legislation and regulations related to food safety on food producers
  • The compliance needs of the food industry and how digital systems can turn this into a competitive advantage
  • Industry innovations and trends


Participants will also get an opportunity to ask questions from experts and benefit from their experience.

Event will start in


Our Speakers

Marcel Koks Niranjan Vaidyakularatne
Food & Beverage Industry & Solution Strategist, Infor Senior Vice President – Infor Centre of Excellence, Fortude