Connecting the fashion value chain with Infor CloudSuite PLM for Fashion​

Are your supply chain partners better positioned to innovate faster? Nimbly respond to market changes? And make smarter decisions with real-time data and insights?

Infor’s CloudSuite Fashion PLM software helps fashion brands, manufacturers and private brand retailers develop and change styles quickly and efficiently.

Fortude's roots in fashion

Our parent company, the Brandix Group, is a supply chain leader to top retail brands in the US and Europe, including M&S and GAP. Our roots in the fashion industry and continuous work in implementing technology solutions for global fashion brands – help us add value as an implementation partner.

CloudSuite PLM for Fashion scored 4.5 out of 5 stars for its user interface, the highest score to date, in a recent WhichPLM evaluation. 

PLM Buyers Guide by WhichPLM, 2020

Meet challenges to your product lifecycle with CloudSuite™ PLM

Infor CloudSuite PLM for Fashion can help meet product development challenges by:

  • Improving efficiency and reducing costs
  • Improving the bottom line
  • Building an intelligent workflow
  • Accelerating product development and innovation
  • Reducing re-work associated with product creation

Our team is well-versed in fashion solutions

With the right solution, you can manage complexities and automate processes from product ideation to product recycling. Our team of experienced fashion consultants can help you reinvent your product development workflow and navigate every stage of the PLM deployment. 

  • Unify PLM data and processes across the enterprise
  • Integrate PLM data with internal and external systems
  • Achieve faster implementation of the PLM solution with greater efficiency

Get the desired business outcomes with our expertise in Infor CloudSuite PLM for Fashion and Infor CloudSuite Fashion integrations, which include Infor Document Management (IDM), report development, process automation, ION integration services, and workflows.

What’s inside an Infor Fashion PLM implementation?


  • BOM and BOO configuration management
  • Reports and query tool
  • Change management
  • Product data management
  • Critical path and milestones
  • Partner management
  • Integration
  • PLM customization
  • Training
  • Support

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To learn more about Infor Fashion PLM and how Fortude can help your business through its product life-cycle, contact us today.