Including a calculated row header in a Dynamic Report

The project I’m currently working on has a requirement to develop a report titled Monthly Financial Statistics for the healthcare industry. The requirement was to generate this report for various organizations against a particular year and month.

Getting a head start with Katalon Studio

In this blog post, I compare Katalon with Selenium and Appium, which are the two most leading opensource test automation tools in the QA industry today.

Why do Business Intelligence Projects Fail?

According to Gartner, the famous technology research group, 70% to 80% of Business Intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) projects end up in the trash bin. BI projects often fail, incurring colossal losses to organizations. Why do DW/BI projects fail? What can organizations do to avoid pitfalls that cause DW/BI projects to fail?

Implementing Dynamic Row-Level Security in a Tabular Model

Dynamic row-level security enables report authors to filter data based on the user roles. This prevents developers from having to maintain separate security matrices. This also avoids the complexity of maintaining users under different security roles.

Strategies and Best Practices for Successful Test Automation

Manual testing and automated testing can differ in many aspects. Manual testing ensures the software code does what is required, which consumes more time and effort. Also, manual testers must record their findings such as log files, external services, database errors.

Stock Movement Intelligence in Power BI

During the last few weeks, I have been getting myself acquainted with Power BI and its features. Finding data sources (to practice with), cleaning them, creating data models, and creating reports and dashboards have been very interesting.

Configuring Java in StreamServe Control Center

In some scenarios, to extend the functionality, we need to call external JAR files via StreamServe directly. In the article- Calling a java class from a StreamServe script, Stefan Cohen lucidly explains the process of calling
Java program through StreamServe.

Processes, Agility, Purpose & Business Value

Processes and Agility are vital for any software development company, irrespective of the maturity level; however, organizations sometimes lose the real Purpose of processes and agility, which is bringing Business Value to the organization. Let’s see how Processes, Agility, Purpose & Business Value come in to play in an ideal scenario.

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