Stock Movement Intelligence in Power BI

During the last few weeks, I have been getting myself acquainted with Power BI and its features. Finding data sources (to practice with), cleaning them, creating data models, and creating reports and dashboards have been very interesting.

Configuring Java in StreamServe Control Center

In some scenarios, to extend the functionality, we need to call external JAR files via StreamServe directly. In the article- Calling a java class from a StreamServe script, Stefan Cohen lucidly explains the process of calling
Java program through StreamServe.

Processes, Agility, Purpose & Business Value

Processes and Agility are vital for any software development company, irrespective of the maturity level; however, organizations sometimes lose the real Purpose of processes and agility, which is bringing Business Value to the organization. Let’s see how Processes, Agility, Purpose & Business Value come in to play in an ideal scenario.

Under the hood

Most software engineers spend unnatural working hours writing code for enterprise problems which, to be honest, is an industry cliché. Yes, deriving solutions for complex business problems can be the reward but after doing it for a few years one might want to consider broadening their domain especially in the arena of embedded systems.

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