Configuring Java in StreamServe Control Center

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In some scenarios, to extend the functionality, we need to call external JAR files via StreamServe directly.

In the article- Calling a java class from a StreamServe script, Stefan Cohen lucidly explains the process of calling
Java program through StreamServe.

Before calling JAR files in StreamServe, you need to configure Java in Control Centre as a prerequisite.

Configuring Java in StreamServe Control Center

1. Download Java from and install Java.

2. Right-click on the application for which you want to configure Java and click Java Configuration.

java configure

3. Change the vendor Value to Oracle.


4. Open notepad with admin rights and open the .environment file in your StreamServe installation folder.


C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenText\StreamServe\Applications\StreamServer\5.6.1\Server\bin 

5. Change the STRS_JVM and STRS_JAVA_HOME values according to your Java installation.

java installation

6. Restart the service.

This completes Java configuration on StreamServe Control Center. If you come across errors, they appear in the strs_boot.log file.



Prabodha Amarapema
Senior Technical Consultant, Project Delivery