Including a calculated row header in a Dynamic Report

The project I’m currently working on has a requirement to develop a report titled Monthly Financial Statistics for the healthcare industry. The requirement was to generate this report for various organizations against a particular year and month.

Getting a head start with Katalon Studio

In this blog post, I compare Katalon with Selenium and Appium, which are the two most leading opensource test automation tools in the QA industry today.

Fortude’s Madushan Dahanayake talks machine learning!

As part of Fortude’s weekly “tech talk” series, Madushan Dahanayake, Associate Consultant - BI at Fortude, took Fortudites on a fascinating journey deep into the world of machine learning. What is machine learning? Machine Learning is the use of algorithms to find patterns in data. It then uses those patterns to predict the future on a constantly evolving basis, instead ...

How to write your SQL query in DAX?

Obviously, T-SQL and DAX are two different query languages and they serve entirely different purposes. However, as someone from database development background, when I learn DAX initially, I always started thinking SQL and tried to achieve same thing from DAX…

Getting Started with Agile-Scrum Methodology- Introduction: Part I

Scrum is Agile methodology which is most widely and commonly used in the software industry. The methodology is a part of Iterating and Incremental methodology and is best suitable for projects that have a highly changing nature and rapidly emerging requirements…

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