Including a calculated row header in a Dynamic Report

The project I’m currently working on has a requirement to develop a report titled Monthly Financial Statistics for the healthcare industry. The requirement was to generate this report for various organizations against a particular year and month.

Getting a head start with Katalon Studio

In this blog post, I compare Katalon with Selenium and Appium, which are the two most leading opensource test automation tools in the QA industry today.

How to write your SQL query in DAX?

Obviously, T-SQL and DAX are two different query languages and they serve entirely different purposes. However, as someone from database development background, when I learn DAX initially, I always started thinking SQL and tried to achieve same thing from DAX…

Getting Started with Agile-Scrum Methodology- Introduction: Part I

Scrum is Agile methodology which is most widely and commonly used in the software industry. The methodology is a part of Iterating and Incremental methodology and is best suitable for projects that have a highly changing nature and rapidly emerging requirements…

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