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Effective Custom Software
for Industry Leaders

You’re the architect.
We’re the construction crew.

Whether you’re a chief executive officer or a chief information officer, if you have an idea for a computer application to improve your organization, we can make it a reality.

At Fortude, our expert programmers work with insurance companies, hospitals, health systems – you name it. We’ll develop and integrate advanced technology specifically tailored to your needs.

Build it. Test it. Repeat.

At Fortude, we use agile methodology to engineer our clients’ custom software solutions. Our first step is to identify your criteria for success. What functions does your new software need to perform? How will it improve care? Improve patient satisfaction? Reduce costs?

Our second step is to develop an initial version to put into real-world application quickly. Because we’re not satisfied until we’ve addressed your concerns and fine-tuned performance, we don’t hold back on adjusting your custom-engineered software. This agile methodology not only accelerates the process, but it ensures the finished application is ready for prime time.

Support you can use

After we’ve created your custom software, you don’t have to fend for yourself. With custom software from Fortude, we help you transition, making the learning curve less steep and keeping you in the loop as new technology becomes available.

Our technology services team is ready to help you.

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