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Strengthening your organization with better safety and compliance.

Fortude’s Inrisys helps organizations achieve their quality goals in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives through reporting, reviewing and following-up of corrective actions for all incidents and hazards affecting the organization. The results from Inrisys can then be used to continuously improve the performance of your safety initiatives.

Inrisys can be used across various industries such as manufacturing, food & beverage, engineering, retail, telecommunication, transportation and healthcare.

Inrisys features

  • Action Logging and Tracking
  • Management Escalations
  • Incident Reporting Wizard
  • Scheduled Reports and Dashboards
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Individual, Investigation and Committee Review

How Fortude’s Inrisys can help your business

5-step wizard

  • Easily capture incidents
  • Wide option range

Alerts in real-time

  • Quick response
  • Adverse event reaction
  • Address issues

Data-based actions

  • Factually-based
  • Accurate actions

Dashboards & reports

  • Visualization analysis
  • Analyze incidents & actions

Contact our Inrisys team and find out Fortude can help your business’s environmental health and safety.

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