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Infor Testing as a Service,
Automating Processes

An Emerging Trend that will reduce costs and simplify the testing process

Testing your Infor solution is critical for business continuity, whether you are implementing, migrating to the cloud or upgrading. Infor Testing as a Service (TaaS) is a cloud based automated testing platform which can automate ERP testing in a regressive end-to-end fashion. TaaS is cost-effective and simplifies the entire testing process.

Fortude’s test automation solution architecture provides a holistic approach to executing testing. The system is customer focused, can run test scripts and create test automation reports as per the customer’s need whilst including first level customer support on test scripts and user training.

Why Fortude?

Fortude has Infor domain experts with hands-on industry and functional experience. We have global consultancy experience and client engagement with an onshore and offshore consultancy model that is competitive and customer value-conscious.

Our Infor TaaS Capabilities

Speedy Deployment
Fast adaptation to test automation due to pre-built test script repository. This can increase the speed of testing up to 60%

Reduce Cost and Easy-to-use
Reusing automated baseline test scripts and assigning fewer QA resources. There is no extra subscription cost from Infor. Facilitate easy and fast scripting with Infor’s Krypton Automation Platform.

Cloud & On-Premise Testing
Run test scripts against products deployed in the Cloud or on-premise.

24×7 Test Climate
Ease automated test execution according to client’s schedule and data.

Want assistance to adopt Testing as a Service on Cloud to scale your ERP testing process? Contact Fortude’s team of test automation experts today.

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