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Infor Testing as a Service

An Emerging Trend that will reduce costs and simplify the testing process

Infor enriches their ERP ecosystem by frequently releasing new ERP products and upgrades, providing a better experience to their customers. According to a research conducted by the Aberdeen Group, 58% of the best-in-class midmarket organizations implement the latest releases of their ERP software to reap the full potential of the ERP implementation.

Whether your company plans to implement Infor Cloud Suite, migrate your current application to the cloud or upgrade the ERP to the latest version, testing the solution is crucial for business continuity. Researchers reveal that testing occupies 50% of the total ERP budget. How can you get the best of the money you spend on ERP testing?

Infor Testing as a Service

Continuous testing becomes critical with complex and highly configured ERP systems and upgrades. Infor Testing as a Service (TaaS) is a cloud-based automated testing platform which can automate ERP testing in a regressive end-to-end fashion. TaaS simplifies the entire testing process, ensuring speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

TaaS helps you overcome big challenges

  • Unavailability of key users for testing new features, patches or upgrades
  • Maintaining test coverage and rigor when handing over testing responsibilities
  • Inflexibility of proprietary tools to cater to changing needs
  • Cost of consulting time for testing when carrying out M3 rollouts across businesses
  • Not having a straightforward approach for performance and load testing ERP functions
  • Risk to business continuity when full regression testing is not performed

Why Infor TaaS?

Speedy Deployment

Fast adaptation to test automation due to prebuilt test script repository – Increase the speed of testing up to 60%

Easy to

Facilitate easy and fast scripting with Infor’s Krypton Automation Platform


Reduce cost by reusing automated baseline test scripts and assigning fewer QA resources – No additional subscription cost from Infor

Cloud & On-premise Testing

Run test scripts against products deployed in the Cloud or on-premise

24x7 Test

Facilitate automated test execution according to client’s schedule and data

Infor TaaS Methodology

The Infor CloudSuite or products currently supported on TaaS

  • CloudSuite Corporate (Lawson)
  • CloudSuite Healthcare (Lawson)
  • CloudSuite Fashion (M3)
  • CloudSuite Food & Beverage (M3)
  • CloudSuite Automotive (LN)
  • CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense (LN)
  • CloudSuite Industrial Machinery (LN)

Want assistance to adopt Testing as a Service on Cloud to scale your ERP testing process? Contact Fortude’s team of test automation experts today.

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